NIBAV Residential Lifts are at the forefront of cutting edge technology and top-class certified manufacturing that adds a nuanced sense of tasteful aesthetics to your dwellings. Manufactured in accordance with European standards and certified by TÜV SÜD for following the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) standards, NIBAV Residential Lifts Wajir are all set to make waves in the home elevator industry.

As an organization, we have always put safety at the heart of all our manufacturing processes. This goes to say as to how well equipped our lifts are, to perform during emergencies with their advanced modules of four levels of safety.

Operable on a single phase current, our NIBAV Residential Lifts are the new beacons for home mobility solutions that are also eco-friendly and affordable.


NIBAV Lifts are programmed to utilize the advanced methodologies of pneumatics technology. Operating on the most abundant resource on the planet, air, NIBAV Residential Lifts Wajir are designed to operate on limited power consumption.

Our lifts operate on single phase power and require all of 3.7kVA of power to ascend and minimal power to descend, thus making it a sustainable option in the market. Because it operates on air, our lifts do not require any oil for lubrication, thus largely reducing the risk of repairs and maintenance.

Why choose Nibav Residential Lifts in Wajir?

Ease of Installation

NIBAV Lifts can be installed within a period of 24 working hours. Owing to the ease of installation, NIBAV Lifts can be placed without the involvement of major civil modifications.

Value and Excellence

Combining Australian Technology and European Components, NIBAV Lifts manufactures Residential Lifts that are of superior quality while being affordable.

European Standards

All the lifts are manufactured in compliance with european standards that ensures that all the manufacturing processes adhere to the highest quality of production standards.




One can avoid feelings of claustrophobia during elevator rides by experiencing the stunning panoramic views of your home with Nibav Residential Lifts, thanks to its 360-degree glass view.


Our Residential Lifts are designed to be both compact and comfortable, requiring only a 1010mm diameter base space while still providing enough room in the cabin for two people to fit comfortably.


Our installation does not require a separate machine room for the lift engine or any other structural components, giving you the flexibility to maximize your space and preserve the design of your home, while facilitating a quick installation process.


The Nibav Home Elevator runs on a single-phase power supply and only uses 3.7 kVA of power during ascent. It consumes limited power during descent, making it an environmentally friendly choice.


Nibav Residential Lifts are crafted with a blend of lightweight aluminum and strong galvanized steel, resulting in a structure that is both sturdy and lightweight.


Unlike conventional elevators, our built-in model integrates the entire system into a single, sleek entity that complements any interior design.


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The new series becomes the world’s first pneumatic home lift that reaches European quality standards while providing extra structural transparency, an elegant and smooth structure and state of the art pneumatic technology. We designed our lifts to make your home life a serene and inspiring experience


The New series II has been designed with the smoothest yet strongest curved design profile. Nibav lifts are built with galvanised steel, aeronautical grade aluminium, and bulletproof glass, making them the market’s strongest and least intrusive self-supporting structured option.

We provide a complete panoramic view across the entire lift, making it an aesthetic asset rather than a mechanical inconvenience.


Safety being the primary driver of our company, Series II models have four layers of emergency safety standard. Tested under multiple arduous conditions to comply with the most demanding European standards, the Nibav Series II stands to be the safest home lift in the market.


Comfortably reaching up to ten meters of travel, the Series II provides impeccable performance in terms of flexibility and accessibility. Nibav Residential Lifts have been designed to fit in any home and for any need.

Residential Lifts Price in Wajir

The latest model of the NIBAV Vacuum Lift represents a significant technological and aesthetic advancement, outpacing its predecessor and surpassing generic Residential Lifts.



Home Lift Price For G+1



Home Lift Price For G+2



Home Lift Price For G+3

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Customer Reviews

John Mwangi

&ampI was skeptical at first, but the Nibav Home Lift has exceeded my expectations in every way. The compact design and 360-degree panoramic view make it a beautiful addition to my home, and the quiet and smooth operation make it a joy to use. I would definitely recommend this product to others!&amp

James Mutua

&ampI recently had a Nibav Home Lift installed and it has made a huge difference in my life. The lift is reliable, easy to use, and adds a touch of luxury to my home. The customer service from the team at Nibav was exceptional and I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of a home lift.&amp

Sarah Kimani

&ampI have a multilevel home and the addition of a Nibav Home Lift has made it so much easier to move between floors. The lift is compact and quiet, and the 360-degree view is a nice touch. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to add a lift to their home.&amp

Jane Njoki

&ampI have a bad knee and stairs have become a real challenge for me. The Nibav Home Lift has been a lifesaver, making it easy for me to move around my home without any pain. The lift is also very stylish and adds a touch of elegance to my home. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to purchase a Nibav Home Lift.&amp


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With Nibav Vacuum Elevators, the luxury of a house elevator is now accessible to every home. Starting at a price of $37950 and above, these elevators offer an affordable option for those seeking convenience.

The best type of lift for homes in Kenya depends on several factors such as the architecture of the building, the space available for the lift installation, and the budget.

Vacuum lifting technology is widely considered to be a safe and efficient method for transporting materials and individuals within the floors of a home. Some benefits of vacuum lifts include reduced manual labor, improved ergonomics, and reduced risk of stair injuries.

Vacuum lifts present an array of benefits including improved safety for the householders, increased mobility as well as reducing the risk of injuries due to stair accidents.

Elevators are designed specifically for transporting people, while lifts can be used to transport people or goods.

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