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Series III

Our Series III Standard, proudly offered by Residential Elevators Kenya, serves as a testament to the visual appeal and secure, wise investment it provides for all Kenyan households. As a distributor of the renowned Nibav Home Lifts brand, Residential Elevators Kenya ensures that our Series III model holds globally acclaimed CE and SIL-3 certifications. This exceptional model revolutionizes customization by accommodating 4 stops (G+3) with an impressive 13,500mm travel height. Trust Residential Elevators Kenya, the trusted distributor of Nibav Home Lifts, for a lift experience that seamlessly combines style, safety, and innovation.

Crafted for durability and efficiency, our air-driven residential elevators effortlessly support up to 210 kg/462 lbs, offering a robust and reliable solution. We provide a multitude of options for personalization, including choices for shafts, floorings, and more. The cutting-edge suspension system, at the forefront of technology innovation, not only enhances functionality but also establishes new standards for long-term performance and aesthetics.

Discover the epitome of home lift excellence with Residential Elevators Kenya – where our Series III Standard combines style, safety, and reliability for a truly elevated living experience.

Series III Max

With Nibav Home Lifts, our patented technology elevates customization to unprecedented levels. The latest addition, Series III Max, complements the already acclaimed Series III Standard with customer-centric features. Our air-driven residential elevators redefine spaciousness, offering cabins tailored to your preferences, from flooring to lighting.

The Series III Max not only boasts a capacity of up to 240 kgs/529 lbs but also emphasizes accessibility, incorporating wheelchair-friendly features that showcase unparalleled engineering. Backed by prestigious accreditations from TÜV SÜD for following the ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management System (QMS) standards certified, CE, and SIL-3 certifications, our Series III Max embodies a sleek and safety-oriented design.

proudly serves as the exclusive distributor for the renowned Nibav Home Lifts. Elevate your living experience with our state-of-the-art and customizable home lifts, backed by cutting-edge technology and a commitment to safety.

All features and Specifications – Series III

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Maximum Stops – 4 Stops (G+3)

Max Travel Height – 13500mm / 531in

Capacity Clear – 210kg / 462lbs

Space Required – 1010mm / 40in

Internal Cabin Diameter – 749mm / 29in

External Cylinder Diameter – 935mm / 37in

All features and Specifications – Series III Max

Maximum Stops – 4 Stops (G+3)

Max Travel Height – 13500mm / 531in

Capacity Clear – 240kg / 529lbs

Space Required – 1430mm / 56in

Internal Cabin Diameter – 1160mm / 46in

External Cylinder Diameter – 1343mm / 53in

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