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Experience spotless performance with minimal structural changes to your living space in Kenya with air-powered Nibav Lifts. Book the high-quality residential elevators you’ve always envisioned!
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Nibav Home Lifts in Kenya

Value and Quality

Value and Quality

Our approach combines Australian technology, European components, and advanced production techniques to offer top-notch quality at affordable prices.
Effortless Installation

Effortless Installation

Nibav lifts require zero civil work, reducing installation time to just 24 working hours.
European Standards

European Standards

Certified by the Machinery Directive, our home lifts adhere to stringent standards, ensuring structural robustness and safety.

Air-Powered Home Lifts in Kenya

Our self-supporting home lifts are constructed with bulletproof glass, aircraft-grade aluminium, and galvanized steel, ensuring an elegant design, European safety standards, and no impact on your home’s infrastructure. They consume less energy than a home appliance, require 90% less maintenance than alternatives, and need only a small space for installation.

Nibav Lifts 2022 Model

Introducing the New Series II, the world’s best Air- driven vacuum lifts, the result of meticulous research and development. This model offers superior technology, structure, and a smooth, elegant experience.
Air driven residential elevators

Nibav Home Lifts Price Range in Kenya

Home Lift Price For G+1


Home Lift Price For G+2


Home Lift Price For G+3


Products of Residential Elevators Kenya

Boosting the cityscapes, our Series III Standard contributes visually and ensures secure investments for American households. With the world’s acclaimed CE and SIL-3 certification, our Series III model redefines customization, accommodating 4 stops (G+3) with a 13,500mm travel height. Our air-driven home lifts are engineered to be durable and efficient, as they carry up to 210 kg/462 lbs, along with customizable options for shafts, floorings,etc. Our tech-innovative suspension system for enhanced functionality and aesthetics, sets new standards for performance, even in the long run.

Series III Max

Nibav Home Lifts with its patented technology ensures a customer-biased model that adds more to the already existing Series III standard. The Series III Max of our air-driven home elevators offers spacious cabins of your choice of floorings and lighting,etc. This collection of home lifts accommodates 240 kgs/529 lbs and offers wheelchair accessibility, showcasing exceptional engineering. Our product holds the most prestigious accreditations from TÜV SÜD for following the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) standards, CE and SIL-3 certifications for sleek, safety-oriented designs. We deliver top-notch solutions inclusive of its multi-layered safety mechanisms that blend your tasteful aesthetics with our sophisticated brilliance for residential mobility.

Series III

The Series III Standard from us, a leading-edge mobility solution carefully crafted for your kenya households. Our next-gen air-driven residential elevators are not just functional; they’re a seamless addition to your environment matching your cityscapes. The comfort, safety, and luxury converging with every movement, elevate your living spaces to new heights, through every floor.

Key Advantages Offered by Nibav Home Lifts

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Safety Excellence<br />
Safety Excellence
Multi-layered safety system with automatic descent, emergency alarm, child-control switch, and more.
<br />
Feather-Light Build<br />
Feather-Light Build
Engineered from aluminum and galvanized steel for longevity and minimal maintenance.
<br />
Unmatched Panoramic Experience<br />
Unmatched Panoramic Experience
Panoramic glass views are made from polycarbonate (bulletproof glass), combining luxury and security.
Efficiently Compact<br />
Efficiently Compact
Requires a base space of just 1010 mm diameter, with a CKD model for easy installation.
Machine Room Free<br />
Machine Room Free
Semi-assembled delivery for quicker setup and optimal placement.
Environmentally Friendly<br />
Environmentally Friendly
Consumes only 3.7kVA, with zero power needed for descent, promoting sustainability.
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