Features and Benefits of Home Lift and Elevators by Nibav Kenya

Why vacuum lift elevators?  

 Because vacuum lift elevators are quiet, extremely dependable, and most importantly, safe.

Vacuum elevators provide several benefits compared to older elevator versions. The pneumatic elevators from Nibav Lifts Kenya operate on air pressure to elevate and gently descend the cabin and in addition, the elevator uses very little electricity.

For traditional lift elevators, you need additional space like a machine room for the heavy operational equipment, but vacuum elevators do not need a pit or a machine room ad occupy very little space, which not only means a small footprint at your home, but also a construction project that is less expensive, less time-consuming, and less messy than a regular elevator project.

Nibav Lift elevator is one of the greatest distributors of pneumatic elevators, and we strive to provide you with the finest vacuum elevators. You will never regret picking us for your elevator needs, because not only do we offer the highest quality lift services but we also provide customers with a safe elevator for their homes. With the most advanced pneumatic technology, the elevators we supply enable seamless floor-to-floor movement while consuming significantly less space and energy than conventional options.

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Why Pneumatic Vacuum Lift Elevator from Nibav? 

  • These Vacuum Elevators are ideal for two passengers and applications up to G+3.
  • Require no headroom, and may be readily installed within a home.
  • Vacuum elevator cost depends upon the client’s requirement.
  • We are the leading providers of pneumatic elevator PVE Vacuum Elevators in the world.

Vacuum lift elevators are eco-friendly elevators, and the breakthrough technology has altered the way people and commodities are transported vertically in residential buildings, all while being environmentally friendly.

Instead of using cables or pistons, our vacuum elevator is driven by one of the most abundant resources in the world: air. These Vacuum Elevators are suitable for usage in Villas, Duplex Apartments, Showrooms, and Small Offices. The benefits include zero energy usage, little maintenance expenses, and no lubrication requirements. The installation can be finished within one week.

A very important and principal feature of the vacuum lift elevator is the self-supporting of the system. The unit does not need a shaft, machine room, or pit, and needs very minimal materials and pre-construction to function seamlessly. The installation of these elevators requires minimal civil work and alterations to existing structures, hence does not cause any structural damage to your home. Due to the physics inherent in this design, the dependability and safety of these vacuum elevators are unparalleled, and it is practically impossible to get caught between floors or get stuck during a freefall.



Features of Nibav Vacuum Lift Elevator

 Nibav offers the finest vacuum lift elevators with the following characteristics:

  • Fully certified :  Each component of the vacuum elevators has been rigorously tested and is fully certified. We assure compliance with all regulations and protocols so that you receive the best.
  • Minimum Maintenance :  They require neither frequent nor extensive maintenance. Forget those days when elevator maintenance was a concern. With pneumatic elevators, you can expect the greatest quality with minimal maintenance.
  • Eco-friendly :  Using air in their working mechanism, these elevators are fully eco-friendly. Additionally, it reduces your electricity costs significantly compared to conventional methods.
  • Superior quality standards :  The elevators provide unrivaled quality and the nicest experience that you would not receive otherwise. They increase the value of your house by granting you unparalleled accessibility.
  • Simple and efficient installation :  It does not take weeks or months to install and set up these elevators. Within a week, pneumatic vacuum elevators can be installed.
  • Dependable and secure :  They are entirely safe and dependable since they are created in accordance with safety rules and protocols that are on par with European standards.
  • Reduces construction process :  Installation does not involve laborious civil construction. The least amount of construction is required for the installation and operation of pneumatic elevators.
  • Simple operation :  They are quite simple to use and maintain. They are neither complicated to operate nor to gain access to. Pneumatic elevators are the most modern and practical elevator solution available today.
  • Customizable :  Certain components of pneumatic elevators are adaptable to client specifications. In addition, this factor impacts the cost of setup and installation. In comparison to conventional elevators, pneumatic elevators save a substantial amount of space.
  • Aesthetic Design :  The elevator’s design is panoramic and beautiful, allowing me to blend in seamlessly with the ambiance of your home.

Now that Nibav vacuum elevators are available, every resident can experience the convenience of an elevator. These reasonably priced home elevators range in price from $37950 and more. Get in touch with us for a free consultation or to know more.

Why Pneumatic Vacuum Home Lifts


Simple installation

Nibav lifts guarantees that this elevator requires no civil work, reducing the installation time to 24 working hours. Our installation requires no additional space for the installation of the lift’s engine or other structural needs; this allows you to maximize your space, safeguard the integrity of your home, and install the lift swiftly.

360-degree panoramic glass view

It is fairly typical for people to experience claustrophobia, especially in confined elevators. The Nibav Home Elevator enables you to appreciate the magnificent panorama of your home.

European Safety Regulations

Additionally, we are ISO 9001 certified, which guarantees a consistent quality standard throughout our industrial and management processes.

Exceptional Aesthetics

With a panoramic glass view on all sides, Nibav Home lifts offer improved aesthetics compared to conventional elevators’ mechanical appearance. With our built-in model, the entire system may be concealed in a single unit that complements any interior design.

Condensed & Comfortable

Our house lift require a base space of only 1010 mm in diameter, while providing ample cabin capacity for two individuals.

Eco-efficient lifts

When ascending, the Nibav Home Elevator operates on single phase power and requires only 3.7 kVA of energy. During descent, this elevator uses ZERO energy, making it an ECO-FRIENDLY elevator.

The combination of Australian technology, European components, and world-class industrial efficiency in our Southeast Asian factories enables Nibav to provide the best of all worlds at a reasonable price.

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Difference between Home elevators and Stair lifts?

• Stair lifts are not meant for multifloored homes. Whereas home elevators are suitable for multifloored buildings.
• Stair lifts are cost friendly when compared with home elevators.
• Customization are limited in stair lifts whereas home elevators are highly customizable.

. What are home lifts without Pit?

These are home lifts that does not require a separate pit space for a smooth landing. Lifts sits on top of existing floor so no pit is necessary. Hence making pitless lifts an ideal fit for compact homes.

How much electricity does a home lift use?

Nibav Home Elevators operate on single-phase power and consume only 3.7 kVA of power when going up. During descend, this elevator consumes ZERO power which makes it a GREEN Elevator.

What other features are available with the lift?

Nibav home elevators are packed with features. The elevators are designed with luxury in mind and come with a glass exterior with a 360-degree panoramic view, and various models and colours to suit a variety of decors. They also come with a number of safety features such as – LED lights, Fan, a GSM phone, emergency descend and alarms.