It is very important to know how much a home elevator price. As with all price, there are differences based on several factors and this is usually what drives the price. Home elevators in Kenya price between $37950 to $48950 to have installed, depending on the location, and type of lift. Here are a few factors that talk about a few things that can change the price of an elevators.

Elevator Companies all over the world decide how much their elevators cost based on a few things. Among these things is

How many floors there are and how high each one is
What technology is used
Appearance (look and feel)
Country where it was designed
How many floors/stop
The total number of stops a lift has determined the number of doors and other components that are required.
Adding a shaft.

Elevator Technology

Vacuum lifts are compact and cost much less than other home elevators. The primary reason for the economical price is they do not require a machine room for a pit and they also come with their own structure – so they are plug & play.


Now, when a lift is put in a high-rise building or a community, the builders do not really care about how it looks. Instead, they try to find the cheapest one.
But if you put a lift in your own home, you want it to look nice. When your friends and family come over for a party, you want them to be impressed. There are a lot of design options for lifts today. You can choose from standard to premium colours, the look of the interiors, glass panels, flooring, light colours, and so on. Once you start adding things like looks, your price could go up by a little. People say that you cannot put a price on your own taste, and that’s very true.

Rules for safety

Now, the safety rules for a lift in a high-rise building or a commercial building are different from those for a lift in a private home. In Kenya, we have a liftman in every elevator just for this reason, so people do not mess around in the lift and it works right. But at home, there will not be anyone to run the lift, so safety features to look for in-home lifts are:

Safety on the platform/cabin
Door Safety
Automatic rescue devices

Home Lifts and Elevators Price in Kenya, you can choose from a few different models. Nibav residential elevators has made it possible for every home to have a home elevator. You can get a Home Elevator for your home for about $37950. Engineers at Nibav have thought of everything when it comes to home lifts.

Home Lifts and Elevators Price in Kenya

Home Lifts and Elevators Price For G+1 – $ 37950
Home Lifts and Elevators Price For G+2 – $ 43450
Home Lifts and Elevators Price For G+3 – $ 48950

How many floors can home elevator serve?
Our home elevator design can reach up to four levels including the ground.
Is there any need for a machine room?
Nibav vacuum elevators do not need a machine room or a pit. They are standalone plug-and-play structures that can be installed easily into any space.
Why does Nibav home elevator attract so many customers?
Nibav Home Elevators are the perfect elevators for your home in terms of safety, luxury and cost. They are not only compact and economical but operate on single-phase power and consume only 3.7 kVA of power when going up. During descend, this elevator consumes ZERO power which makes it a GREEN Elevator. They do not require a machine room or a pit hence making them a very low-maintenance elevator.
Why should you invest in a glass elevator?
People frequently experience claustrophobia, especially when riding in an enclosed elevator. Nibav elevators allow you to enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view. Also, Nibav Home Elevators use unbreakable glass technology called polycarbonate which is 250 times stronger than normal glass and is also the same material used for bulletproof glasses. And with them, you can get a 360-degree panoramic view while ascending and descending.