Safest Home Lift Elevator Kenya

Step in the right direction; by “the right direction”, we don’t mean the stairs in your house, not at the age of home elevators. Nibav Lifts are now up for grabs for Kenyan households, future-proofing your home with Nibav’s vacuum elevators. We bring to you the most compact, sophisticated, and convenient home elevator that glides between the floors of your home. Nibav vacuum lifts can fit within any household and it is the ideal choice for people who require assistance to get around their house or people who crave prominence.

Our elevators are the pay-off of an exceptional vacuum technology that comes in rock-hard designs made of polycarbonate glass and galvanized steel – making our lifts lightweight without compromising on their strength. Nibav vacuum elevators are here to satisfy the demands of peaceful homes, our home lifts are thoroughly safe, quiet, stylish and quite affordable compared to most residential elevators.

Nibav’s unique pitless technology ensures zero civil work involved while installing – an ideal mobility solution for Kenyan households, especially with the installation timing of about 24 to 48 working hours.

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Why Choose Nibav Lift Elevator!

The polycarbonate glass and galvanized steel are the same combination used in aerospace engineering making the elevator lightweight yet indestructible.

    • Our vacuum elevators are completely noiseless and devoid of such hydraulics, making these elevators quieter than most of the stair lifts.
    • Nibav vacuum home lifts can fit practically anywhere around your home, thanks to the compact size and no requirement of pit and headroom. With little to no civil work, our lifts fit your home with ease.
    • Nibav elevators’ plug-and-play model ensures easy assembling upon installation; the elevator will be delivered to your home in individual segments and our well-versed Technical Team will assemble these segments into an elevator. House owners can make the most of the ample space available due to the absence of a head or pit room and nurture the structural coherence of their home.
    • Our elevator landing systems are mechanically operated and have compound breaks that are in line with the European Safety Standards; thus, Nibav vacuum lifts are perfectly safe for the usage of both elders and children in the house.
    • The safety features that are standardised in our lifts include compound breaks, LED lights, an alarm system, and a phone.
    • Our vacuum elevators are plug-and-play devices that consume a little more electricity than a kettle using single-phase power; also, it only needs 3.7kVA to move up and zero electricity while coming down – making Nibav an eco-friendly choice for Kenyan households.


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    Are home elevators safe for the elderly?

      Nibav elevators are TÜV NORD certified, and to obtain this certification, a product or service has to go through 194 parameters of safety inspections, and are the right choice of home lift for elders as well as children in your home.

      What would be the cost of a home elevator?

      Kenyan households can get hold of their home elevators at a price of $37950 and the cost might vary as per the customisation you opt for.

      How much time would it take for installation?

      Nibav elevators don’t involve any additional structures such as a pit or headroom, and are basically self-structured lifts in plug-and-play design which enables the owner to use the lift right after installation; our Technical Team will install the lift within 24 to 48 hours timeframe.

      Is there a warranty for the elevator?

      Nibav elevators have about 3 years of manufacturing warranty and one year of free service.

      How much space is required to install the elevator?

      Our elevators come in two sizes, 1430mm / 56in, and 1010mm/ 40in for their base space which consists of the cabin space within.

      What is the timeframe for delivering the elevator?

      A general lift delivery would take about 2 -3 months to get delivered.

      Reach out to our Elevator Experts to find out more about our product and make your life easier with Nibav home elevators now!