Best Residential Elevators in Kenya

Are you looking for residential elevators for your home? Look no further, Nibav home elevators are now available for purchase in Kenya. They are small and stylish, and they make it easy and quick to move between floors. Our vacuum home elevator is designed to fit into any home and is perfect for people who need help getting around the house or who want to “future-proof” their home. The end result of purchasing a home lift from Nibav is it comes with exceptional technology, a solid design, and above all, a lift that offers a comfortable and refined experience.


Why Choose Nibav?

Our home lifts are perfect for you and your family because they are quiet, compact, stylish, and affordable. And because of its unique pit less technology, they are safe, and an unobtrusive home elevator that can be installed in any Kenyan home quickly and easily.

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Benefits of Nibav Residential Elevators:

  • Due to its compact size, and machine-room-less technology, the Nibav Home Lift can be installed in practically any place of the house. Therefore, with the least amount of construction civil work and disruption, Nibav home lifts have an unmatched capacity to fit into locations other home lifts cannot. The installation of this elevator takes just 24 working hours according to Nibav Lifts’ guarantee since no civil work is required.
  • Nibav does not use noisy hydraulics, unlike other residential elevators. Hence they are more silent than many stairlifts.
  • Due to its modular plug & play design, our installation professionals can bring the elevator into your home with ease and assemble it immediately there. Because our installation does not call for additional space for the installation of the lift’s engine or any other structural requirements, you can make the best use of your available space, safeguard the structural integrity of your house, and rapidly install the lift.
  • Nibav Home Lifts have a mechanically operated landing system and follow American Safety Standards (ASME). They are made up of Polycarbonate glass on the outside, which is indestructible. These lifts are absolutely safe for use by elders and kids alike because they include compound brakes, LED lights, an alarm system, and a phone as standard features with many additional features included.
  • All Nibav home lifts are directly plug-in devices that need little more electricity than a toaster or kettle. The Nibav Home Elevator uses single-phase power and only needs 3.7 kVA to ascend. This elevator is GREEN since it uses ZERO power when descending.

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Is residential elevators for elderly safe?

Nibav elevators are designed to make life easier and safe for all ages. Any home elevators with TUV certificate can be considered Safe to use. TUV certified elevators undergo 194 parameters of safety inspections.

How much does a residential elevator cost in Kenya?

Thanks to Nibav residential elevators, every home can now enjoy the convenience of a home elevator. These Affordable residential Elevators Start at 33000 USD and Higher.

How long does the elevator take to install?

Nibav elevators are plug&play – which means they do not require a machine room or a pit, they come with their own structure and can be installed within a 24 hours timeline.

Do you provide any warranty or guarantee for your elevators?

Nibav lifts come with 3 years manufacturing warranty and one-year free service.