Nibav Residential Elevators in Kenya

Best Residential Elevators in Kenya

Best Residential Elevators in Kenya

Are you looking for residential elevators for your home? Look no further, Nibav home elevators are now available for purchase in Kenya. They are small and stylish, and they make it easy and quick to move between floors. Our vacuum home elevator is designed to fit into any home and is perfect for people who need help getting around the house or who want to “future-proof” their home. The end result of purchasing a home lift from Nibav is it comes with exceptional technology, a solid design, and above all, a lift that offers a comfortable and refined experience.

Why Choose Nibav?

Our home lifts are perfect for you and your family because they are quiet, compact, stylish, and affordable. And because of its unique pit less technology, they are safe, and an unobtrusive home elevator that can be installed in any Kenyan home quickly and easily.

Benefits of Nibav Residential Elevators:

  • Due to its compact size, and machine-room-less technology, the Nibav Home Lift can be installed in practically any place of the house. Therefore, with the least amount of construction civil work and disruption, Nibav home lifts have an unmatched capacity to fit into locations other home lifts cannot. The installation of this elevator takes just 24 working hours according to Nibav Lifts’ guarantee since no civil work is required.
  • Nibav does not use noisy hydraulics, unlike other residential elevators. Hence they are more silent than many stairlifts.
  • Due to its modular plug & play design, our installation professionals can bring the elevator into your home with ease and assemble it immediately there. Because our installation does not call for additional space for the installation of the lift’s engine or any other structural requirements, you can make the best use of your available space, safeguard the structural integrity of your house, and rapidly install the lift.
  • Nibav Home Lifts have a mechanically operated landing system and follow American Safety Standards (ASME). They are made up of Polycarbonate glass on the outside, which is indestructible. These lifts are absolutely safe for use by elders and kids alike because they include compound brakes, LED lights, an alarm system, and a phone as standard features with many additional features included.
  • All Nibav home lifts are directly plug-in devices that need little more electricity than a toaster or kettle. The Nibav Home Elevator uses single-phase power and only needs 3.7 kVA to ascend. This elevator is GREEN since it uses ZERO power when descending.

Get in touch with us now to find out how a Nibav home pneumatic lifts can start making your life better right away.

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Air Powered Home Lifts in Kenya

Air Powered Home Lifts in Kenya

Air Powered Home Lifts in Kenya


The tech-savvy generation is subsequently exponentially mushrooming in the current times and why not so! Ultimately, it deserves to happen where relentless efforts are made to ensure a healthy life along with an uncompromising factor, comfort. Adding more to the same thread, reaching far beyond its entrenched players in the elevators industry, Nibav Home Lifts has set an unprecedented benchmark worldwide. What’s even more fascinating is that Nibav home lifts are exclusively “air-powered” with the assistance of advanced technology blended with basic concepts of physics. With the flexibility of managing a brand new concept in the industry amid the thriving demands of home lifts across the globe, Nibav Home Lifts are now in Kenya.

An Introduction To Nibav Air Powered Home Lifts Kenya


Creating a striking difference in the pre-existing scenarios in the domain of the elevator industry is what Nibav Lifts is all about. With a remarkable hike in the demands of home lifts in Kenya made Nibav come up with a brand new concept of pneumatic vacuum lifts that are driven with the most abundant natural resource, air.

The Nibav lifts are certified by the European Standards for their safety, designs, and performance. Additionally, to ensure the top-notch quality and safety of the people, these home lifts are certified as per the Australian Standards too.

Bringing in the certified domestic lift for the people at an affordable price with an uncompromising element, safety is what Nibav lifts are all about. There is a lot more than differentiates this home lift from the rest. Well, let’s take a look at some of the elements that support creating a difference in the pre-existing scenarios of the elevator industry.

Nibav Lifts Holding Uniqueness With Elegance

Nibav Home Lifts in Kenya carry its uniqueness with class and elegance. There are innumerable factors that create a striking difference in the home lifts section. Some of these include:

Zero Civil Work:

Literally, there is zero civil work! The best aspect of getting a home lift by Nibav is that it supports zero civil work which eventually reduces the installation time to 24 working hours and of course makes it hassle-free.

Compact & Comfortable Curved Design Profile:

The concept of installing a home lift is probably not new, however, having one without any perils is absolutely new. Nibav home lifts boast to be the most compact and comfortable home lifts that can be installed within a tight space of 1010 mm, in which 915 mm is the cabin space. Presenting the most stylish aspect of the Nibav lifts is its curved design profile which means this lift doesn’t need adjacents of the given area.

Self-Supported Shaft Structure:

Nibav home lifts are exclusively designed and tailored ensuring it consists of a self-supported shaft structure. It has a complete stand-alone structure that doesn’t need any supporting wall, column or beam for its installation.

No Pit, Machine room & Headroom Is Needed:

This home lift is brilliantly designed that doesn’t need a pit, machine-room and headroom, making it the most Vastu-compliant and of course, it reduces the installation time to remarkable heights. Additionally, it promotes zero civil work at the same time.

Affordable Home Lifts:

More often, home lifts are expensive which lets people not have the same. However, Nibav home lift price in Kenya are absolutely affordable making it accessible to everyone. Nibav home lifts believe in bringing home luxury at the most affordable price so that everyone can have it.


Nibav presents the most affordable vacuum home lifts in Kenya with its hassle-free installation and brilliant mechanism. Compact and comfortable design along with its safety and performance is a perfect blend that makes it the best home lift for every home. If you are one of those looking for a home lift in Kenya, do check out our website speak to our experts and book yours now.

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pneumatic lifts and elevators

Pneumatic Lifts and Elevators Manufacturers in Kenya

Pneumatic Lifts and Elevators Manufacturers in Kenya

Why Nibav Pneumatic Elevators

Nibav is a producer of the most innovative and cost-effective home lift technology currently available. We feel that quality and affordability should go hand-in-hand hence, it is our mission. To offer that to our customers.

Our objective is to create a home elevator that will enhance their lifestyle but create and increase the value of their property, both from a functional and aesthetic standpoint.


Our lift elevator is designed and built to meet all European safety and quality standards. As a result, we are one of the best elevator companies in Kenya.

Low & Easy Maintenance

Our Vacuum home elevators are imported home lifts that require less maintenance due to their modular design

Transparency in Price

Our Pricing System enables you to select only the functions that you require. Simple Lift, Simple Design There are no frills! The most affordable elevator prices in India.

Our Technology

Our pneumatic elevators are economical, consume less energy than a typical household appliance, have 90 percent less maintenance than its counterparts, and require less installation space.


Pneumatic Lifts and Elevators Manufacturers in Kenya

Why Pneumatic Vacuum Home Lifts


Simple installation

Nibav lifts guarantees that this elevator requires no civil work, reducing the installation time to 24 working hours. Our installation requires no additional space for the installation of the lift’s engine or other structural needs; this allows you to maximize your space, safeguard the integrity of your home, and install the lift swiftly.

360-degree panoramic glass view

It is fairly typical for people to experience claustrophobia, especially in confined elevators. The Nibav Home Elevator enables you to appreciate the magnificent panorama of your home.

European Safety Regulations

Additionally, we are ISO 9001 certified, which guarantees a consistent quality standard throughout our industrial and management processes.

Exceptional Aesthetics

With a panoramic glass view on all sides, Nibav Home lifts offer improved aesthetics compared to conventional elevators’ mechanical appearance. With our built-in model, the entire system may be concealed in a single unit that complements any interior design.

Condensed & Comfortable

Our house lift require a base space of only 1010 mm in diameter, while providing ample cabin capacity for two individuals.

Eco-efficient lifts

When ascending, the Nibav Home Elevator operates on single phase power and requires only 3.7 kVA of energy. During descent, this elevator uses ZERO energy, making it an ECO-FRIENDLY elevator.

The combination of Australian technology, European components, and world-class industrial efficiency in our Southeast Asian factories enables Nibav to provide the best of all worlds at a reasonable price.

Contact us to get more information about our home lift price

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